Holimate Tells How To Avoid Awkwardness While We Are Flying High In The Sky

Whenever we take a long fly, we always wish to be accompanied by someone special. Sometimes things get awkward in flight. So, Holimate tells how we can avoid awkwardness in a flight. If we are flying solo, apart from faster flight most men wish to get a seat by a gorgeous lady and ladies also wish the same with a handsome guy. Time flies away when we get a chance to converse with someone we like.

However, awkward moments may appear while even a highly organized man is sitting next to a beautiful lady. Below are Holimate’s ideas to conquer the awkwardness.

Observe and Act:

Always take some time. Things get spoiled while we act without observation. The right way to initiate a conversation with a stranger is by asking some basic questions. Sometimes we can begin a conversation as per the situation such as if the girl next to you is on her laptop or other devices, ask her opinion on the device. We also can talk about common situation happening around. The important thing is to make sure that the lady is comfortable with you.

Take care of every small gesture:

Women always prefer gentlemanly approaches.  They notice every small gesture in a man. One guy can easily offer to take out or put away the stowaway luggage or can offer the blanket if she is cold. If a lady is sitting in middle seat between two men and she is uncomfortable, you can offer your seat. She may politely decline the offer but trust Holimate’s experience; she will remember and adore your humble gesture.

Be polite and friendly with the flight attendants:

Always hold your temper and be polite with each and everyone around you. Women judge people by their behaviours with other. While the flight attendant is asking for your order, be very nice to them and try to have a friendly conversation. It will leave a great impact.

Share your experiences which you have faced in a flight sitting next to someone attractive.

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