Holimate Gives You Five Reasons Why You Would Love A “Cruise-Date”

Love the blue water and the shining gold rays of the sun? Then you should plan a cruise ride for the next destination date. Holimate will give you five reasons why you should choose a cruise for your next romantic destination. Sometimes people speak about sickness, cold meals etc. But if you do the researches before booking your ride, there shouldn’t be any uncomfortable situations. A cruise can be a paradise with cheaper rates, beautiful sites and loads of romances under the sky into the blues.   Don’t hesitate to take your love to a wild ride.

Here are Five Reasons why you should choose the cruse for your next date:



All inclusive means all regular meals from some pretty good options and of course 24 hr room services. Sometimes the cruise service offers limited drinks. But if you need extra drinks then you have to pay. Holimate doesn’t find better inclusive services anywhere else but in cruise ships.

Island hopping:

Is there any better way to hop multiple islands without paying extra bucks? The answer is always “No”. However, in a cruise ship it is easier and faster to hop multiple islands as you have already booked your ride for the ocean.

Cruise Date

Private Islands:

There are some private islands where you cannot have any access without special permission. There come the Cruises. Such Holiday cruises have the permission to take their guests for a walk on the private islands.


There is no chance of getting bored while your dazzling eyes are only seeking for the next wonder beyond the blues. Most cruises are packed with multiple lounges, restaurants and casino sometimes. Apart from that one or two pools are always there to soak your love. Some cruises also offer spa on the deck, yoga or dance lessons and some indoor games.


While you are floating on the deep blue sea with your partner, what can be more romantic than waking up to watch a sunrise and kissing your date while the sun sets below the horizon?


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