Holimate takes on Do’s and Don’ts of Styling for the Travellers

What do you think is the best style while travelling? Today Holimate states the Do’s and don’ts of Styling.

Well, most of us have our specific styling sense for “so-called” travelling season. And the travel season is the Eater and Labour Day. But for Holimate’s users there is no such particular time. So styling is always a part of the tour while we meet our new travel companion. We always got to be fabulous in our own term in every corner of the world.


Do’s and Don’ts for the Travellers

Whether the traveller is a guy or a girl, they should choose the right clothes for the country’s weather. We all should do our prior research to pack all the comfortable clothes according to the weather. No need to bring something complicated which may lead you to be overdressed. Remember, beauty lies in the simplicity.


Do’s and Don’ts for the Travellers

A swimsuit should be very casual which will also help anyone easy to relax. Both men and women will be attracted to the opposite sex if they are so natural and bold on the beach. A fitted suit and a sunny day on the beach is enough to set the blue sea on fire.


Do’s and Don’ts for the Travellers

Heels are love for girls. But one should remember that whatever details you have given online for your date regarding height, can’t be changed by wearing a pair of high heels. Truth is always better than being in an awkward situation. Heels are not made for travelling. Pack the flats, travel shoes which will make you a perfect travel companion for the travel date.


This is the only part of the wardrobe which is a huge section for running some experiments as the evening fashion varies city to city. Some places girls wear very little which looks perfectly cool whereas few cities are very conservative. So, it would be one’s choice and sense of styling. But Holimate suggests not to overdo anything. We should respect every culture by wearing the appropriate attire.


So, what are the other best fashion tips for the travellers?

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