Things to know about Thailand, Before We Decide To Go

Women always dream of some kind of fairytale romance. And for that we need to choose the perfect place and we should know few things before we decide to go. In this case Holimate’s choice is Thailand. We won’t find a single female user on Holimate who can deny to be fascinated by an elephant riding in the sea shore on her first date. On the other hand, men may not be into fantasy but they have their own Thai Dream. Thailand is a gorgeous country with miles of sandy coastline, rich history, culture and affordable accommodations. But you should know few things very well before you get the ticket to Thailand so that you can be the perfect travel partner.

Things to know about thailand

Basic but very important:

It is better to carry only cash. Food quality is good but avoid drinking water outside.


Every country has their both good and bad side and Thailand is no exceptional.

Thailand is known as the capital of sex in the world. The country embraces sexuality. It is the perfect place for LGBT community. We are also aware that Thailand has been marked by sex trafficking. However, as a foreign tourist, if anyone does their prior researchers, they can stay out of trouble.

Now the good side is, Thailand is famous as a nicest country in the world.  Here Thai people always smile and very friendly. Just say wai, do handshake and bow your head a little while you are about to greet someone.  .

Things to know about thailand

We all go to Thailand expecting an elephant ride. And the wish is also easy to fulfil. The big animal will carry you through the jungle or on the beach. But sometimes your heart may ache to see the sad faces of those innocent elephants that go through a lot of hard training against their free will. In that case you can visit any sanctuary to interact with the elephants.


Share your all experiences from Thailand Tour. Provide all the ideas and advices which can help the others.


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