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If anyone is still confused about the next destination they want to visit, Holimate suggests packing the bag to experience China in December. Holimate bets, it is the best place to hop during this time as it is the middle of the autumn season in China. The gorgeous colour of fall makes the “Land of Dragons” more perfect.

Below are the best four prettiest destinations for enjoying outdoor activities, trekking and of course photography.

The Great Weather of Colourful Beijing:

Experience China in Winter

Beijing is so comfortable with a cool breezy weather in November. The city of ancient architectures becomes more elegant and charming with the colour of nature. This is the perfect time to explore the suburbs of Beijing where the red leaves cover the ancient temples.

Take a hike or a helicopter ride to explore Mutianyu Great Wall and the Badaling to experience a spectacular autumn and some fresh air.

The Yellow Mountains:

The Yellow Mountains are not yellow at all in autumn. It’s rather more colourful when the red maples cover the whole area with the yellow fruits hanging underneath the milky white cloud and the blue sky. As the weather is very pleasant during November, it’s the appropriate time to climb up the mountain. Most importantly, don’t forget to bring a tent to spend a night here.


The mysterious fog covers the Zhangjiajie in November which in turn creates a poetic and romantic world. The whole mountain itself is different than others as it is separated by small cliffs. The cliffs and plants become even prettier in autumn. Plan a trip to visit Ancient Town- Fenghuang to enjoy a peaceful and relaxed time.



Jiuzhaigou keeps changing its colour all around the year. It is grassy green in spring, exuberant and verdant in summer and it is splendid in autumn. The colourful trees and bushes reflect the colour on the crystal clear still water under the sparkling blue sky.

It will be a better idea to trek along the Jiuzhaigou’s dense forest through the little path covered by small colourful plants.

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