Be The Expert Traveller In A Foreign Destination With Holimate

So the destination is right in front of your eyes as the flight touches the ground! Finally, we are ready to explore the dream destination.  We are all set to enjoy the moment and willing to be the expert traveller in a foreign destination with Holimate but there is no English!

We all know the overseas possesses most of the vacation destinations. Unfortunately, English is not the language in all of the countries including the beautiful tropical lands.

Learning a new language is jaw breaking. But the whole trip can be spoiled if we cannot figure out the essence of the country. Communication is the key to make a journey enjoyable. One traveller is already an expert in packing carry-on luggage, knows well to deal the jet lag, and knows the tricks to make a long flight comfortable. Now to “Be the Expert Traveller” with Holimate, below skills should be sharpen:

Gathering Knowledge of laws & religion:

Be The Expert Traveller In A Foreign Destination With Holimate

While we are in a new country we should learn all the laws. Many of the countries such as Russia, China doesn’t allow drinking alcohol in public. All the Asian countries are very sensitive about the behaviour and outfits inside temples. So, one must gather all the knowledge in order to be an expert traveller.

Knowing the locals:

It’s not easy to blend with the locals. We can’t change our dressing sense or habits accordingly. But one should try to act very naturally with the locals. One thing should be noted that if we behave like strangers, it will make us an easy target for crime.

Meeting a Local Host:

Be The Expert Traveller In A Foreign Destination With HolimateMastering a new language is not a piece of cake. It’s also not easy to trust someone new instantly. So, to be on the safe side, Holimate users can meet any local host. A guide and friend is the key to hop all the secret places which can make any trip smooth as butter.


Share all of your suggestions, ideas and tips which can help a traveller to be an expert in a foreign land.

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