Discover the Adventurous Spain around Barcelona with Holimate

Looking for an exciting Spain? Then you must discover the Adventurous Spain around Barcelona with Holimate.  Feel the adrenalin rush with skydiving, rock climbing, wakeboard, mountain bike, free jump or rafting. There are so many places around Barcelona to have an adventurous Holiday. Below are Holimate’s best selections.


Discover Spain

There are plenty of rock-climbing spots around Barcelona. Among all, the Catalan’s landscape is absolutely perfect for the climbers. The landscape is the combination of mountains, peaks and plains. Along with climbing one can find the sight of forest, lakes and rivers majestic. Depending on experience, such rock climbing areas of Barcelona offer great rocky wall to have an enjoyable sporty day.


Mountain Bike riding is not for the weaklings.  Places like Montseny, Garraf, Montserrat, Serralada, Montnegre and Litoral offer ideal spots for Mountain Biking for all levels. If anyone wishes to start mountain biking in natural parks or mountains then they need to go there by car from city centre.  Depending on level, the ride covers from 19km to 130km.


Barcelona is popular for blissful beaches and pleasant climate. But an adventure lover would never prefer sun-bathing.  The environment is well fitted for Jet Ski, wake board, long board, kite surf, wind surf etc. However, the wave of Mediterranean Sea is scary for wave surfers. So, better be careful before taking the board out.


Discover Spain

For those brave hearts who want to feel the rush, Barcelona gives all the options to enjoy freefalls. Spots like Costa Brava or Lloret del Mar provides the freefall with some great views. There are so many clubs outside the main city where one need to go by car.


If you want to climb up the trees or fly from branch to branch, these Adventure Parks shouldn’t be missed by anyone. These parks arrange jumping from trees to trees above meters from the ground and long ride on the tyroleans. If you want to beat the fear of height then you must try this.



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