How a Solo Woman Travel-lover can Travel the World Safely

How safe is the world for a solo woman travel-lover to travel? In this article Holimate points out few safety tips for women travellers.  It’s not impossible for solo female explorers to discover the unknown like others.  It doesn’t even matter if she is roaming around the developing countries without knowing a single local vocabulary […]

Holimate Explores Trough the Beautiful Facts of Japan Tourism

The great nation of Japan is an incredible host for the visitors. And Holimate explores trough the beautiful facts of Japan Tourism.  Japan entered into tourism from long ago, and the art of hosting and caring the travellers have long been the integral part of the Japanese. A large tourism industry has been developed in […]

Holimate Suggests Five Things to Remember before visiting Stunning Russia

Russia is very friendly and welcoming nation. Still, for a first-time foreign visitor Holimate suggests five things to remember before visiting Stunning Russia. Russia & Russians: Russia is a prosperous country with culture and history which reflects in the Russians’ behaviour. They are very polite yet so professional. Smiling to a passer-by is never welcome […]

Holimate brings some tips for the Crazy Festival Hunters

Whenever we plan to visit a new country, we always try to experience some festivals or big events of that country. Today, Holimate decided to bring some tips for the Crazy Festival Hunters.  Even though such festivals season is not so comfortable for the visitors, still we create our schedule giving priority to such events. […]

Holimate discovers the Spanish Wine-Tour through the unique gastronomy tours and road trips

Wine tour is all about exploring the taste of blissful Spanish wine.  And Holimate discovers the Spanish wine-tour through the unique gastronomy tours and road trips. The wine tour allows us to find the authentic taste of Spain and its natural beauty. Below are some of the best places for scheduling the “Wine-Tour”. Tour from […]

Enjoy one romantic gateway in mesmerizing Bali

The natural beauties of Bali along with the exceptional dining venues and accommodations have made Holimate to mark it as one of the best romantic gateways.  The idyllic tropical shores, gentle breeze, deep green forests with some poetic scenarios from the cliff tops are ready to be found by lovebirds. Plan out a romantic sunset […]

Holimate marks out the Unique Dining Experience in Shanghai

Shanghai has already established its place as the Heaven of Food worldwide. And here Holimate marks out the Unique Dining Experience in Shanghai. Shanghai is not only famous for authenticate Chinese cuisines but also for the unique ideas of serving the delicious dishes. So, for a moment let’s forget about the classic concept of dining […]

Holimate brings forward four Innovative ideas of Unique Date Destinations

Whenever anyone thinks about taking their dates on romantic holiday, they think about luxurious destination. However, breaking the myth Holimate brings forward four Innovative ideas of Unique Date Destinations. Pure lavish, eye dazzling dates are considered to be the primary criteria to impress our partners. All of the single travel lovers now can relax and […]