Born To Travel: Open The Door To The World With Holimate

Life is enjoyable when we follow our dream and passion. Some people are born to Travel. And with Holimate anyone can open that vast wide door to the world. There are so many thrilling natural beauties waiting to behold.  The whole world is a wonderland indeed. Below, Holimate states the condition of November Tourism in […]

Find Out What Kind Of Traveller You Are With Holimate

Every one of us is different. Our interests, personalities define our Travel nature. Find Out What Kind Of Traveller You Are With Holimate. Someone prefers to have a next day holiday whereas some people prefer to have a well pre-planned holiday. Knowing the traveller type is very important in order to find a soul travel […]

Seven Advices of Holimate on your next Japan Trip

Japan is not a country where anyone can blend in without any prior knowledge and preparation. Here are the Seven Advices of Holimate on Japan Tourism. Rent wireless router: Holimate finds it too difficult to get new SIM for local calling. So it’s better to get a “pocket Wi-Fi” which is actually a wireless router. It […]

Holimate Picks Top Four Natural Tourism Destinations of China

China is full of natural beauty. Thousands of tourists around the world come to explore the natural beauty of China every year. Here Holimate Picks Top Four Natural Tourism Destinations of China. It will help the visitors to sort out their prior destinations. Huangguoshu Waterfall of Guizhou Province: It is on 6th position as the […]

Holimate’s Tricks to Stay Fresh on a Tour

It’s not easy to stay fresh on a long journey. We all get exhausted after a long day and the stress appears on our face. For both the travel loving guys and girls it is always a big challenge to look fresh during travel.  Here are Holimate’s five tricks to Stay Fresh on a Tour. […]