How and where do You find a good travel partner for your Next Trip?

Finding a travel partner can be difficult depending on your local network of friends, co-workers and family at home. There are ways around this if you don’t know anyone personally who wants to travel. Either you have just moved to a new city or country for work or school or studying abroad. You are super excited to explore your new surroundings but the problem is you are all alone and suddenly, One day during between coffee or lunch breaks, your new friend comes and asks you “if you would like to take a trip together”. Even although you both do not get along great in your office or classroom, then how can you be sure that they would be a good travel Partner? To help you with this tough decision, have a look at our checklist before picking your next globetrotter travel partner.


Early birds vs. Night owls

Imagine, you want to check out a new bar or club, but your friends want to take full eight-hour of sleep. You decided to part different ways, but the next morning, you are still snoozing while your friends are ready to hit the road trip – The entire day seems to be ruined. To fully enjoy on your trip, you should make sure you either you pick a travel partner who loves the same schedule as you, either early birds or night owls but don’t mix.


Personality types

Are you an energetic, go-go-go type or do you prefer to take things easy and soak in the experience at a nice café with a view? Type A personalities are all about the action, while Type B people prefer to ‘be in the moment’ and savor every step of the trip. Keep in mind the personality types when you’re making travel plans.


It’s all about the money

Some people like to bum their way from hostel to hostel and have picnics instead of eating at restaurants. Others prefer to splurge on hotels with at least three stars and room service: there’s no right or wrong way, and it all comes down to budget priorities. To avoid awkward conversations about money on the road, it’s best to figure out all that stuff beforehand. This will also prevent both of you from constantly running into new frustrations – after all, who wants to have to bicker every day over whether to take a cab or a bus?

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