Why One should date a single mom?

A guy would date a single mom for the same reason that a guy would date a skinny, chubby, tall, short, blonde, brunette, model, or maid; she brings something to the table that complements him as a man and facilitates a relationship where both can grow. I, for one, prefer a single mom as a […]

Which Girl is Better Tall girl or Short Girl to Hook Up

The tall girl vs short girl debate is a never-ending one. We can go on for hours about the advantages and disadvantages of both! But guess what? There are more perks than you’d believe – check out  The dating pool is too cool! Tall Girl: Ya, finding men taller than you is a bit difficult, but nevertheless, […]

How To Make Your Home Safe While You Are Traveling

There’s a lot to think about when preparing for a trip. One thing you probably don’t think about is your unoccupied home, which is subject to break-ins when you’re gone for a long period of time. That is, if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Keep the following tips in mind before you head out […]