Single Parent Dating Tips with Children

Divorced parents can face uncomfortable situations when they try to date under the watchful eyes of their children. Dating should be fun, playful and spontaneous. Yet having a romantic interest can become complicated when you’re a single parent. As mothers and fathers, we can enhance or hinder our children’s psychological well-being and there are important […]

How To Travel Alone To Get Together

Like to travel but don’t want to go on your own? connects solo travelers with fellow adventurers who have similar destination interests. Traveling alone is becoming more common and often comes with certain advantages. As a solo traveler, you’re in control of both time and budget. Plus, it’s easier to make friends with locals […]

Few Tips On Your Period Date That Is Close To Your Travel Date

Nobody likes getting her period during important occasions (or ever!) – and least at your first Travel Date, and more importantly, you don’t want to ruin your Trip,  So what is a girl supposed to do? She is supposed to keep these Few tips in mind!   Talk to your gyno and use oral contraceptives to postpone your period Oral […]

Why Every Man needs a Travel Partner

Business trips take on a whole new feel when you know there’s a sexy young thing waiting for you back in your hotel room. It’s the icing on the cake for successful, prominent businessmen who have travelled the world for decades and are no longer inspired or moved by the sights and sounds of different […]


Dating a Sugar Daddy comes with perks. That is why most women do it. Money, being in the limelight, and being “that someone” the press often talks about are just a few of the perks of dating a Sugar Daddy. There is another perk that most people don’t realize is there: Traveling with a Sugar […]

How To Be a Perfect Travel Buddy

Traveling can be a fun adventure, or it can be a friendship-ending nightmare. Or a combination of both. One thing we can guarantee though is that you will encounter bumps in the road when traveling, even with the most meticulous planning. We’ve been bumped from flights; gotten a flat tire miles from the nearest town; been attacked by a […]

Blind Date Is Unique but Tricky Business Deals To Find Your Travel Mates, Here Are Some Tips

At some point, almost everyone has been on blind dates, but now none of the present day blind dates are blind any more, thanks to Holimate or Tinder. Now before meeting anyone anywhere, we already stalk their Facebook and Instagram profile. Few who meet through their friends, hang out long before going for a potential date. In the era super-connectivity, now […]

Choosing Your Travel Partner

Before you even pack a bag or decide on dates, you’ll need to decide on who will join you on your trip, or if you want to travel solo. Many situations have built-in companions: family trips, honeymoons, school trips, etc. Those come with certain expectations and usually you know your fellow travelers pretty well. When you are […]