Find New Friends Wherever You Travel

Although there are endless reasons why a solo trip is so much better, there inevitably will be some occasional lonely moments that can totally bring down the fun. There will be moments when you want to share your jokes with someone and envy all those giggling couples that seem to flood the streets. Holimate is here […]

What to Wear While Travelling With a Travel Partner

Are you going on a travel date? But you don’t know what to wear on this trip. Don’t worry, we have created a basic and pretty simple list to follow that can help anyone to impress a new friend and create better travel experiences. Keep it basic and comfortable Yes, go basic. When it comes […]

How to Woo Your Travel Partner?

Traveling is best when you get a companion to accompany you on your trip. Now you can use Holimate to connect with an all-new travel friend to take him/her on your next trip. You can experience a rocking trip if you add a travel partner to it. But wait, you want to impress your travel partner? […]

Holimate Bringing together Travel and Dating

“You never really travel alone! The world is full of FRIENDS waiting to get to know you” is something I read few years ago before I came across the revolutionary concept of Travel Dating. At first I was quite unsure of the term, as I had heard of ‘Home stays’, ‘Hitchhiking’ and more but never of something […]

Find Local To Explore A City Like A Local

Travelling has always been a recreational experience for all of us. Let us make this experience more exciting and joyful by finding a fun-loving buddy, who may be a local to a place you are visiting, to tag along. It not only gives you experience and good memories, but you tend to learn new cultures […]

Need a Travel Partner? Date Local.

Almost every single destination in the world has at least one romantic spot as its must-visit. Ever tried visiting a hotspot for couples all alone? The shiver down the spine is real with a thrust of reality reminding us of the absence of our travel partner. Not that traveling solo is less fun, but being […]

I Married My Best Travel Buddy

Yesterday was my wife Joan and my 30th wedding anniversary. As you can imagine, a lot of things fit into 30 years. My wife and I were married while I was still in my Junior year of college and I was so young at the time that I could not have legally participated if we […]

Holimate is perfect app for Traveling, Dating And Networking 

Nothing can count better than an exciting tour to an awesome place with a great companion. Traveling not only gives you memories, but you also get to learn about a new place and offers great life experience/s. So just begin the adventure with a beautiful travel companion, exactly the way you wanted. Holimate is a social networking […]

Holimate Tour ” A travelers Dating App”

Have you ever got an idea of being a traveling photographer/blogger or going on solo traveling on a hill station? Sounds damn peaceful, right? But be careful and think twice! Especially if you are an extrovert. You need to be calm and have a lot of patience otherwise you will getting up bored in 1 day […]