How To Date Foreign Girl While Traveling Abroad

Charming accents, romantic backdrops, lots of cheap wine — they’re just a few of the things I love about dating while traveling for the weekend. I’ve had friends who were whisked around Rome at four in the morning, taken on late-night strolls down the Thames, or even given Vespa tours of the City of Lights, à la Passport to Paris. […]

How Single Parents Mention About Their Kids On Dating App

I’ve come across a few single dads when swiping through dating apps and I always appreciate how upfront they are about their status as a parent. Right away, I can tell they prioritize family and responsibility, which speaks to their character. It also helps to know, though, because my life isn’t very child-friendly at the […]

To Kiss Or Not To Kiss On Your First Travel Date

Kissing on the first date is a matter of preference To kiss, or not to kiss? First dates are fascinating affairs, are they not? And Kissing on the first date is one of the most common topics searched on internet, when it comes to dating! Sometimes that initial encounter is riveting – laden with enjoyable conversation, […]

What is a toxic relationship

We don’t have enough good resources on toxic relationships. Media and pop culture is arguably even worse (with even the likes of Disney raising questions about Stockholm syndrome and sexual assault.) And bickering between TV couples is incredibly popular. Everyone — even the occasional “expert” — is fumbling around just as much as we are, so Googling returns nothing of […]

Types Of Travel Mates You’d always Love To Travel

Travelling, is the most important things in life and is best enjoy with your favorite travel mates. Sure, solo travel is an awesome, empowering  and eye-opening experience, but there is never lasting memory like traveling and exploring the world with your best travel mates. From appeasing your travel taste buds with full of mouth-watering food to watching a  mesmerizing sunsets or every first time experience which you […]

Travel Dating App Safety Guide

Online dating no longer carries a stigma, it’s still important to be vigilant when communicating and meeting with people you connected with online. Regardless of how much you chat online before your initial meet-up you have to remember that this person is still a stranger, the same as meeting someone at the bar, and as […]