Why You Should Do Camping With Your Travel Mates

Romance comes in many shapes and sizes. A lot of us may associate it with occasional candlelit dinners but there are also those who are content with a less upscale form of dating such as exploring a new city with a backpack, or crawling under a tent and camping, while watching the stars, for example. If you […]


Whether you’re in a relationship or are looking for one, knowing what types of girls to avoid may be a good idea. Below is my list of the top 3 types of Girls to avoid: The Clingy type This type of woman will show exorbitant amounts of love and affection while trying to spend every living […]

Eight Amazing People, I have met on Holimate till date

Today’s context is totally different. It’s not about any amazing destination or any local cuisine but still, it’s related to travel. Traveling is not only about seeing new places, eat local food, experiencing new culture etc. It’s also about meeting new people on road and becoming good friends. For making good friends on road it […]

Sugar Baby Vs Sugar Daddy

What is Sugar Baby.? A Sugar Baby is an attractive young woman who truly enjoys the company of an older successful man. Intelligence, class, education, and a sense of adventure are her most important attributes. She should want to better herself, whether it be through education, life experience, or connections. It is important that the […]

How mobile technology is shaping the travel dating industry

  The travel and tourism industry has gone through a massive, revolutionary change over the past two decades. Across the globe, companies are adapting to the great spread and impact of mobile technology. Looking into the future, it is obvious that technology will have to keep moving and adapting. Why? Gone are the days when […]

Why One Should Must Travel At Least Once A Year

Embarking on a journey at least once a year is an absolute must for everyone. Whether you’re in your 20s or in late 50s, traveling can leave a positive lasting in your life so many ways. Enriching and enthralling, traveling feeds our soul as well as open your eyes to the beauty and diversity of […]

Some Interesting Facts To Know About Sugar Daddies

Forget the stereotypes! Holimate is redefining the modern Sugar Daddy. The perfect arrangement may vary, but most Daddies do share a few traits. Whether you’re looking to find a Sugar Daddy or wanting to be one yourself, here are 7 things you probably didn’t know about the life of a Sugar Daddy. They’re on Holimate for […]

What Is Sugar Date And It’s Type?

Sugar Dating is best described as mutually beneficial, no strings attached dating. It is the fastest growing type of dating and has seen an explosion in participants mainly due to the acceptance and popularity of sugar daddy dating websites. ‘Sugar dating’ is upfront, casual dating. Men and women express want they want out of the […]