Five ways to surprise your travel partner on your trip

In this busy life we rarely get time to spend some personal moments with our family and loved ones, which brings a huge gap in our love life. On this summer holiday, we should plan a tour to a romantic place which must have beautiful scenic beauty. Sip morning tea on your balcony surrounded by lush […]

How to Choose the Perfect Travel Mates

When you propose to go traveling a tonne of people will volunteer their time to travel with you for the whole or part of the journey as Travel Mates. After the weeks pass by and your dream begins to look like a certainty you’ll probably find most of your would-be Travel Mates have dispersed.   The […]

We All Have One. Who’s Your Favorite Travel Mates…?

You know the one. The one who keeps their plans is there when you need them, and lets you relax when you need it. It may be a friend, partner, spouse, or family member. Whoever they are, they are the ideal Travel Mates that you can’t globe-trot without. How do you know who’s “the one?” Everyone […]

Types of female travel mates you find at Holimate

Travelling solo is a daunting prospect for many. Doesn’t it get lonely? To answer all concerns about forlorn solitude on the road,  there’s a simple truth of a nomad’s life – There are always other solo travelers. Awesome ones.  And meeting these awesome people is half of the reason to travel. So download the Holimate app to […]

Some good advice for female solo travelers?

First of all, being a solo female traveler is a lot less dangerous than you might expect. Most people are genuinely good, and while there’s always a few bad ones in the mix, you’ll find that in your own town as well or you can find your travel partners to explore with the new angle […]