Do’s and don’ts of traveling with your travel partners

Traveling brings two people closer. It strengthens the bond between two beings, reveals their attitude toward each other, and puts their relationship to test. I’ve been traveling with my travel partners for more than one years already. Traveling with him has brought out some of the happiest, craziest, and wildest moments I’ve ever experienced. However, the scenic views and sumptuous food sometimes come with delayed flights, language barriers, culture shock, and other unfavorable circumstances that would, most likely, bring out the worst in anyone. So before you go globe-trotting with your sweetheart, consider reading some dos and don’ts that might save you two from parting ways in the middle of the trip.

To make it a pleasurable ride…

1. Do compromise

You know how couples make long relationships last? They compromise. It’s basically the same with traveling. He wants to visit the art gallery and you want to ride the steepest roller coaster. Then why not do both? You two might find yourselves really enjoying each other’s interests.

2. Do communicate

There are times you don’t seem to agree with your travel partners thoughts and plans. Better speak up and inform him in a way that won’t see the two of you arguing in the end. Communication is key – always.

3. Do work it out together

Passing through rough roads is always part of the journey. If ever you’ve stumbled upon tough times, work with your travel partners in finding a solution. It can’t always be just the other one doing the work. After all, two heads are better than one.

4. Do bring out some humor

We all want to make the most out of our trips. Too many places to see, so little time. As much as we want to waste no time in being out there, it’s also healthy if the two of you add a dose of humor. Try to see the fun in small things or happenings. Share a good laugh from time to time. It’ll both make you feel good with each other’s company.

To avoid taking a travel detour…

1. Don’t fight over petty things

A lot of things can happen on the road, and some of it might leave you feeling irate. Do yourselves a favor and stop arguing over small, petty things. Did he forget to lock your hostel room? You took too much time taking a shower? Simply talk about it, try not to do it again, and brush it off.

2. Don’t start a trip without patching things up

Having a fight or argument is inevitable no matter how much you try to understand and extend your patience. But here’s the thing: don’t start the day or the trip without mending things between the two of you. The journey is always better when you both are in happy spirits.

3. Don’t complain all the time

it’s hard not to complain about a trip. But please don’t overdo it by frequently grumbling and whining if things don’t go the way you expect it to be or if you’re too tired and hungry. Nothing can be resolved by just complaining. How about looking at the bright side of each experience for a change?

4. Don’t judge his/her thoughts and actions

No matter how long you two have been together, there are still times your thoughts and opinions won’t match. If he thinks it’s cool to frequently share your travel moments on social media and you don’t, just leave him be. Learn to accept each other’s flaws, strengths, weaknesses, and opinions.

Traveling with my travel partners has been a whirlwind of ups and downs, explorations and misadventures, and expectations and surprises. We complained and fought too many times. And we learned. We now try to be more flexible with each other’s interests, tell each other our thoughts and suggestions, and find solutions to problems. Above all, we make it a point to have fun, laugh hard, and get inspired.

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