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Although there are endless reasons why a solo trip is so much better, there inevitably will be some occasional lonely moments that can totally bring down the fun. There will be moments when you want to share your jokes with someone and envy all those giggling couples that seem to flood the streets. Holimate is here to help you save you from these lonely moments.


Traveling isn’t just about ticking off places from your bucket list. It’s about adding people to your life from different cities and countries too. Traveling is the most intimate way of bonding with new people. You are sure to form some of your most cherished relationships while sharing an adventure with them. And it has several other perks too- for example, you can learn so much about their cultures, traditions and they will also give you a free pass to all the secret hideouts of their city.


Network of Travelers — Holimate is a social networking app that holds a huge community of passionate travelers. You can connect with people from all corners of the world who have one thing in common with you i.e. the love for travel. Most of them are are looking for a travel buddy to connect with and go out on a trip. At Holimate, you may connect to people who are in search for the same thing as you.

Tour with a Travel Buddy — Now, you can just choose a destination, plan your trip, add the trip details on Holimate and connect with a traveler to join you on your trip. It will not only make your trip more exciting, fun or adventurous, but it will also save you from being alone. It’s always a great to share experience with someone rather being alone. The best part of social travel is YOU’LL NEVER HAVE TO CANCEL ANY TRAVEL PLANS DUE TO NON-AVAILABILITY OF YOUR FRIENDS, LIKE, EVER!!!

Meet Locals or Travel Guides — You can also connect with locals or travel guides at your destination who will love to show you around and experience you insights of a city. You can find the best budget restaurants, budget places to shop, traditional restaurants, secret places to go out with the help of them. This can to lead to one of the best travel experiences to share stories later.

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