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Our Earth Has Billion Of People, So Never Loose Your Hope While Looking For A Perfect Travel Buddy! You Can Find Your Travel Buddy Everywhere You Go Or Just Find It Online. Just A Few Click And You Will Be With Your Perfect Travel Buddy. Download Holimate App And Start Meeting With New People, Ask For Trip Advice Or Even You Can Become A Certified Local Guide yourself


Plan A Trip Together

Register online,To complete your profile and start finding people like you among millions of profile to make a trip together for an unforgettable memories.

Make All Travel Aragement

When you cross a Nation, there are lots of question running in your mind, So you relax and enjoy your vacation, your travel buddy make all travel arrangement.

Travel Buddy Your Local Guide

If you are solo traveler, you can find sexy women and handsome men, as your local tourist guide, they can help you at every moment on your trip.

Multiple Option

We have a million of people from hundreds of the country, so just select your country you want to travel and find your type of travel buddy to make it happen.

why it's great Idea to have travel Buddy?


Finding a Travel Buddy, make your dream come true, now you can visit worlds most romantic place and Easily check in Disco

Traveling solo is really an interesting Idea and every person should must try it at least once in their lifetime because it teaches you a lots of lesson and you have a good and bad experience. But if you have your travel Buddy, then they will definitely make your voyage, with full of joy and happiness. On your trip  you can easily share everything from your thoughts, idea and emotions, cell phone to beer bottle, clothes and food. But the most memorable thing – is to share a lifetime memories when the trip is over!

How To Find Travel Buddy ....?

Just Few Click on a Person Profile and have some conversation to find your type and ready to explore the world with your newly made travel buddy.

Imagine you want to travel Europe. Do you know what are the most beautiful place in Europe. Where to go, and where not, where to do  shopping and which cafe you must checkout and which bar having best wine. Of course you can have all this information online, but having a friends cum personal tour guide is much more comfortable. A local travel buddy helps you as perfect travel guide will tell you lots of amazing facts. For example, What is European Union and What is brexit and how it helpful for the people. Travel together is not as dangerous as being alone everywhere. Imagine yourself in an unknown district surrounded by strange foreigners. You will definitely miss your parents, friends and your shepherd in this moment. Sometimes travelling with someone can be annoying but it can’t be boring for sure!

What Our User say

Best app, in one words Simply Amazing, let me see other people who are going to same place as me. I met with one such travel buddy last week, thanks to this app.I love it.
Hilary Leigh
Really awesome !!! It is a great app which helps "mutually attracted" men and women discover each other.. Lots of good profile which makes your Travelling more enjoyable.
Hall Read
Great social app Great app for those of us that like to travel alone, but meet new people and make new friends while we do. This app is perfect for that! Works great too! Thanks!
Shanu Thakur
Great! The app is great, very useful! I was able to log in conveniently and found a travel buddy. love the concept to navigate and know about nearby options when you are new to any place
Jillie Tempest