Find Travel Partner

Just install a Holimate app, Complete the Profile and find your perfect travel partner to experience a new way of travelling

Six Reasons Why Travel Partners...?

Explore Each Other While Exploring New Place.

You are going to explore many new and unknown habit about your travel partner. Like how she love to read with her coffee, and how much she hates trekking uphills. You are also learn a new things from your travel partner.

It’s more economical

Traveling with travel partner is far more economical than traveling solo since you will be sharing the costs your meals, taxi cab fares, activities and accommodations.

Have Lots of Food and Coffee

Eating together is cool. Because it’s cheaper and you can try more! Order everything you like and share plates – mmm yummy!

Ultimate Litmus Test

When you travel with your travel partner, you have to face a millions of challenges, experiences and obstacles that will help develop a bond that is much stronger than the bond built through Netflix watching movies or shopping. It a ultimate Litmus test for any couple willing to take their relationship to the next level.

Endless Picture

Say Good Bye to Selfie and selfie stick, With Travel Partner You can capture every moment perfectly by taking endless interesting pictures! Turn on your creativity and bring all great shots from your journey!

Integrate your Bonding

Two is better than four, Having a Travel Partner balance out the freedom that you need while travelling together with the lack of freedom when travelling in a group.

How to Find a travel partner in Holimate App?


First you should make an attractive profile on Holimate app , before seeking for your desire travel partner, then you have to decide what type of person are you looking for. Do you want serious relations or some casual relation just for having some fun? Which type vacation are you planning a long vacation or short vacation to travel together. Every small detail is important while looking for a travel partner. So you’d better show your real intentions and to be honest while searching. Trying searching for someone who is nearby from your location, because in this case you can easily meet to have some coffee and communicate offline, that  will help you to understand weather are you ready to travel with newly meet travel partner together or not.


I had my 4th trip with a girl from Holimate, she was very nice and polite and generous. We went to China in June and spend a memorable week there. We split all of our expenses. Holimate does a great work!

David Marsh