How To Make Your Holimate Profile more Charismatic

Tips how to become more Charismatic on Holimate

  • Stay more active while filling completing your profile and should pay attention to details.
  • Write something interesting facts from your biography. Probably you tried something exciting in your life and you want to share this information with your future friends. For example, make notes if you tried bungee jumping, completed a marathon, saw polar lights or built a house by yourself.
  • Even if you have never tried something extreme, you can post something that you are proud of.
  • Use your sense of humor even when you write a description of your interests or your personality. People should feel that you are a real person and that you don’t only seem, but also behave like a broad-minded and easygoing person.

What you shouldn’t do, while using travel dating site


  • Don’t use too many exclamation marks, some people will consider you silly or a freak.
  • Don’t lie. Give only honest information about your past and present. Don’t hide your age or your children.
  • Don’t behave as a braggart. Being confident doesn’t mean you should speak only about your personal achievements, try to be a good listener yourself.
  • Don’t give up! There are millions of people who are looking for their compatible match, don’t lose your faith after failures, your soulmate is somewhere near.


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