If You Are Traveling Single, Why Not make new friends to get mingle

Billions of people from the millions of culture and society, speaking thousands of the language from 195 countries in this world. Don’t you miss the chance to explore more about the worlds and meet new friends in another country.

Why you should drop the Idea of Solo Traveler…!

There are various countries where it’s not safe to travel alone, as you don’t have the proper idea, you don’t know their language, customs and culture you will feel nervous and uncomfortable. And most important nobody wants any kind of danger on their holidays. So if you want to enjoy your vacation, choose a calm & safe place to visit.

Remember that traveling alone in a foreign country is much more expensive and you have to pay for your accommodation, you can’t share your costs on renting car or bike and buying stuff in the supermarket. You and your own thoughts will be wondering all the times, nobody will make your day or make your morning coffee with a smile.

Nobody will listen or understand your feeling, you have to carry your things by own, prepare food or open a bottle of wine in the evening all have to do by yourself. You can’t share a drink and can’t have a late night conversation over a cup of coffee. You will be on your own all the single time. Are you ready for that?

How to travel single without feeling lonely?

Just keep in mind, Never give up! If you have started your own journey it’s never too late to find new friends and accomplish someone to have some fun together. What you have to do, join some excursions or find some other lonely travelers in airport, museums or park, try to find a new friend in a cafe, bars, and hostels. But if you are introvert or too shy to start a new conversation in real life go online and download the Holimate App, which helps you to find travel partners to hang out, travel buddy to do the crazy stuff or travel mate to share your story.

The only thing you have to do is download the Holimate app and announce that you are looking for someone in a concrete place. Fill your profile with relevant information, add your best photo, write a small presentation about yourself.

As soon as your profile is ready, look at other people’s profiles. You can find local people or other travelers and organize a meetup in a nice place. Share your travel stories, plan new journeys and make new friends all over the world.

Holimate will help you to feel happy and help you at every moment to make your trip memorable and never makes you feel alone.

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