Sugar Baby Vs Sugar Daddy

What is Sugar Baby.?

A Sugar Baby is an attractive young woman who truly enjoys the company of an older successful man.

Intelligence, class, education, and a sense of adventure are her most important attributes. She should want to better herself, whether it be through education, life experience, or connections.

It is important that the sugar baby communicates her dreams, desires, and goals to her Sugar Daddy. Sugar Babies should never ask or demand for money or gifts on a first meeting, and should always be thankful for what her daddy has done to provide the experiences she enjoys!

A Sugar Baby works hard to create value for him with her friendship. Sugar Babies hope friendship can often become more, and the number one trait after beauty is being appreciative. Sugar Babies are not gold diggers, divas, or women of low morals.

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What is a Sugar Daddy?

There is a misconception as to exactly what being a Sugar Daddy is all about.

We use the term as one of affection, for a successful man who takes an interest in improving our lives. Sugar Daddies are neither old or necessarily excessively wealthy. They come from all walks of  life and can be any age. Being a Sugar Daddy is more of a mind set than anything else. Its about being generous, kind, classy, experienced and interesting.

Women are tired of dating younger men who don’t respect us or appreciate us. We have found that successful and older men respect women more and know how to appreciate a gorgeous lady. A Sugar Daddy is a man who knows who he is and is comfortable with himself. Confidence and generosity are the two things that get a woman’s attention the quickest.

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