Ten Reason Why One Must Have A Circle Of Travel Buddies

Traveling is fun regardless of what your situation may be: solo, couple or with your family. However, relationships just come and go and moments that used to be shared with special people immediately become forgotten.

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Ten Reasons Why One Must Have A Circle Of Travel Buddies

 Traveling is fun regardless of what your situation may be: solo, couple or with your family. However, relationships just come and go and moments that used to be shared with special people immediately become forgotten.
But, on the upside, traveling makes for a great bonding experience with a group of friends. And, when you have finally found your group of sole mates who have the same zest for life, you know that they are yours to keep.

The next time you decide to go and explore somewhere new, why not tag along one, two or even a handful more of your equally-travel-addicted friends?

1. They know exactly what it is you are going through

When you find yourself bitten by the travel bug, it often becomes hard to rid yourself of it. And the only way to cure yourself? Traveling once more. Even though your family find it annoying that you are constantly out of the house, you know that you have travel buddies who understands you.

It’s more than just the endless reading of travel blogs while at work, hoarding of travel books or taking of beautiful pictures, it’s about finding people who knows exactly how it feels to always be out and about.

2. They keep make things fun during down time

We’ve had our fair share of traveling as a family but you know what makes long rides, changed plans and boring nights more fun and exciting? Your travel buddies! It is always a comforting feeling to know that you have other people to engage in a conversation with, serious or otherwise. Your significant other and your kids might keep things fun and entertaining during down time but it’s also great to have others around.

3. They keep you on your toes

Having a circle of travel friends will most likely mean that adventure plans are not a scarcity. In fact, you may have already booked and planned up to a year’s worth of trips even before you have gone home from your most recent one. Perhaps the only negative thing about having friends addicted to travel is that they constantly bug you to go out even if your budget says otherwise.

4. They make adventures cheaper

 But then again, most trips are always much cheaper when done in groups compared to traveling slo or as a couple. You have someone to share rooms, food, private rides and more — which would otherwise be so much more expensive if you were shouldering it all on your own.

5. They help plan out your trips

If you are the type who meticulously plans and looks over the itinerary and other details of your trip, rejoice, because you now have a handful of people who can help do the planning for the rest of the group. Instead of doing everything from scratch, you can simply ask for suggestions on where to go, eat or sleep and just collate those ideas together. You might even assign the entire task to someone else and let the group do a “review” together before giving the trip a go.

6. Your travel buddies make struggles a little easier to bear

We love hiking and trekking, but it is not always an easy path to take. True, your significant other may be able to give you words of encouragement when the going gets tough because you are just so used to it that you would rather ignore them. Having friends around helps you boost your energy in a way that your spouse might not be able to. Perhaps it is because you do not want to be the laughing stock and the center of all those embarrassing stories that are sure to go on for years.

7. Your adventures together make a great story to tell

 But even though not all adventures go as easily as planned with your travel friends, it does not mean that you get discouraged by it. In fact, all the mishaps and accidents that happen along the way often make the best story to tell later on. Plus, there is always that friend who exaggerates stories and make it sound more exciting that it actually was.

8. Your travel buddies help make it possible to pack light

In mountaineering, the secret to packing light is to share the load with the rest of your group. Everyone obviously do not need to bring 2- or 3-person tents when they can share with another person. The same thing can also go for cooking gears and other heavy load. Plus, if you need a temporary relief from your load (maybe to hold your baby while you answer to the call of nature), then you know you have a few sets of extra hands to help you anytime.

9. They share the same passions outside of travel

Other than travel, you are most likely to share the same hobbies and interests. After all, it can be an agony when you spend even just an entire day with someone whose passions do not jive with yours. You have the same appetite for great food, places, company and conversations; the same thirst for fun and adventure; and the same passion for life and the world around you.

10. They are your friends forever

 Your circle of travel buddies have most likely seen you in the highest and lowest points of your life. There is no point in hiding things from them because they are the only ones who can understand the adrenaline rush that comes with riding a plane and arriving at a new destination and the sorrow that comes with not making it to the destination and leaving things behind as you head home.
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