Ten Reasons Why Coders Make the Best Travel Partners

Although solo travel is one of the best experiences anyone can ever have, having a travel buddy also has its perks. Aside from having someone to share your expenses with, bringing a buddy on your trips allows you to have a second pair of eyes who will look after you and your things and take care of you in case things go awry.

However, “finding your travel ‘soulmate’ is also like finding a needle in a haystack.” It’s hard to find someone who is truly compatible with your personality but when you do find them, it’s like a match made in heaven.

If you don’t think programmers make great travel buddies, think again. These people have all the necessary skills that you will definitely need on the road. If you are not convinced, read ahead and see just why these ‘nerds’ make the best partners on your upcoming trips.

They have great problem-solving skills

Creating an application from scratch and maintaining existing programs, especially if they were coded by someone else, can be major sources of headache. It takes great skill to figure things out but programmers are trained to find a way to get them to work, no matter what it takes.

Having a programmer as your travel buddy gives you a sense of security. They will never leave you in mid-air and you can be sure that they’d find a way out of whatever problem you are facing whether it is a lost luggage, failed hotel reservation or a missed flight.

 They do not panic under pressure

Tight deadlines, hard-to-please clients, a gazillion bugs and codes that do not seem to work: the life of a programmer is constantly like being in a pot of boiling water. But, no matter how stressful their profession may be, programmers are still able to calmly go through the most stressful situations and are able to continue working.

Turning them into travel buddies provides a ‘voice of reason’ during the craziest moments of your trip. Blowing your top even in the most difficult situations will most likely not result to anything good. Instead, it would be better to think through things with a clear mind.

They love to learn new things

Programmers are often dubbed as nerds because of their constant thirst for learning. It isn’t really a bad thing. Technology, after all, continues to evolve each day and programmers need to stay ahead of their game by constantly upgrading their skills and knowledge.

Wouldn’t it be better to travel with someone who has a constant hunger and zest for life? Every part of the trip becomes a learning experience: from securing flights and accommodations, to making the journey itself, visiting attractions and making conversations with all sorts of people.

They know how to interact with all kinds of people

And speaking of making conversations…not all programmers are actually trapped in their own little worlds. In fact, they spend a majority of their time talking to their managers, clients, co-workers and even potential customers. Programmers know how to talk about their applications in tech-speak as well as make them simpler that a layman can even understand.

In the same way, they know how to make different types of conversations. They know how to goof around and liven up things when the situation calls for it. But, they also know how to create deep conversations about life.

They know how to work in teams

Traveling in groups can be a pain. There are a lot of personalities to deal with and a lot of needs, wants and preferences to please. Programmers are masters at working with other people and can easily jive with other people. In addition, they are able to compromise their wants to give in to what the majority wants and thus create a harmonious and unforgettable travel experience for everyone.

They are lazy

Laziness is not exactly a bad trait, especially for programmers. IT people are often driven by laziness (that is meant in a very positive way) to create the quickest and most efficient way around a certain problem. After all, companies look for people who can help automate and quicken their processes in order to help save time and money.

Applying the same concept during travel, having a ‘lazy’ travel buddy will help you find the best way to experience something or the fastest route to get to a particular place.

 They are great at planning

Programmers are great planners. Before jumping on to a new project, they divide tasks, set deadlines and come up with a desirable end product after every phase. After all, getting your code done is impossible if you have no clear how to design it or do not even know how the whole system works.

Having programmers as your travel buddies will guarantee a great time. You can give them free reign on planning the entire trip and you can be sure that everything will be taken care of. Flights and accommodations? Check! Daily activities? Check! Downtime? Check! An awesome getaway? Double check!

 They handle setbacks well

Making code work for the first time is rare. In fact, most programmers learn a lot more from their failure than their successes. Many times, they do not even figure out why their solutions work. Regardless of their many ‘defeats’, it doesn’t mean they give up. Persistence is a common value and one that is very important, too, even after hours of work.

Having a programmer with you during a trip will help encourage you to keep at it even if things don’t happen as planned. So you got lost? They will think of it as another adventure waiting to be experienced!

They can work anywhere

The problem with going in groups is that it becomes very rare for everyone who showed interest, in the beginning, to show up on the actual travel dates.

Many programmers nowadays are able to work remotely so you can totally bring them anywhere in the world as long as they are able to get a decent Internet connection on their laptops. The flexibility allows everyone to push through the trip without having to worry about not being able to take days off and leaving work behind.

 They are great at research

A programmer’s work entails a lot of research. Knowing the language used to code is one thing but learning about the standards and the specific industries to make sure that their output fits well with their clients is also a must.

Programmers will get you the best deals and the best experiences for your trip when no one else can do it. Want to plan out your journey DIY style but can’t find the cheapest way to do it? Get the help of your programmer friend.

 They are passionate at what they do

Whatever it is that they do, you can be sure that programmers give more than a hundred percent of their time, effort and dedication. It doesn’t really matter if it is making technical documents, designing the system, writing codes, finding bugs and hiccups and fixing them — they will make sure that they deliver what they promise to their clients and managers and that they do it on time, come hell or high water.

 Having someone with so much passion around helps encourage the positive vibes and will let you see life and the world in a whole different light.

Whoever it is that you choose as your travel buddy, permanent or otherwise, make sure that they are those who have a passion for exploring new places and have a zest in life that you will need on the road.



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