Things To Know Before Dating a Travel Mates

The idea of dating someone who loves going places seems intimidating yet interesting. Imagine hearing all those stories of adventures that would make you want to go out there and experience it yourself. For those who’ve been there and done that, I’m pretty sure things got more exciting. Yet, there are times when you wished you know exactly how your life would turn out to be when you’re with a traveler before even starting that first date. Believe me, I’ve had those I-wish-I-knew moments, too. And I can’t help but share them with you.


  1. It certainly is not for the faint of hearts.One moment you’re crossing borders on foot, the next moment you’re swimming with sharks. Yes, it could get this intense.
  2. Always come prepared with a list of all things interesting.Travelers love to discover and experience new things, so better be in-the-know of the best eats to try in town or must-see spots within the metro.
  3. It’s okay not to look like a fashion plate.That pair of branded shoes or watch or top? Nope, those won’t matter much.
  4. You must be willing to try almost anything even once or twice.And by that, I mean jumping off a cliff or camping in a dessert. At least you get to tick off something from your bucket list… unintentionally.
  5. There are times you’ll get lost – really lost.Just don’t panic. It’s part of the journey.
  6. You must be able to think of exciting ways to celebrate special occasions.Chocolates, flowers and fancy dinners are way too common. How about a boat cruise along the river while watching fireflies?
  7. Be spontaneous and readymost of the timeall the time. Because anything can happen while you two are on the road.
  8. It’s okay to make mistakes and learn from it.No trip is perfect, and it’s what you need to understand when you’re with a traveler. Mistakes help you learn along the way.
  9. You’ll be moving and going places most of the time.Think of it this way: Most weekends (or even weekdays) will be spent outside the comforts of your home. If you’re good with that, then no problem.
  10. Your life will never be the same again.Ever.
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